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Top times posted

After long last (and with many apologies for the delay), Top Times have been posted!  


All Meets That I Have Are Posted

I have updated all of the meets online.  Those are all the meets that I have.  If you do not see your meet on there, I either do not have the meet results or they were not submitted as backup files.  

Jan032018 Delay

I do apologize for the last few weeks delay.  As some of you may know, I own a chocolate store and have a full time teaching job.  To make a long story short, one of my partners left the business effective December 10.  So, although I kept trying to make it to update, there was multiple things to make this transition happenf from having a business partner to solely taking over the business myself.  As you will see, I am updating meets.  Thanks for your patience, and don't worry this will only be a temporary problem.  


Top Times

The top times are posted.  Currently they include Ohio Schools.  This will not always be the case.  Enjoy!


Eastern Panhandle Coaches

If you are a coach from the Eastern Panhandle, (Jefferson, Washington, Hedgesville, Spring Mills, Musselman, or Martinsburg) I do not have any results from any of your meets.  With the exception of Washington, I do not have any contact information for these coaches.  Swimmers and parents of these swimmers from this area, if you could have coaches contact me here  I really want to include the eastern panhandle on the top times, and the rankings of individual swimmers and teams.  I have waited to do these rankings until I received results from that area.