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Region Predictions

I'm going to give a go at region predictions.  Keep in mind, these are just based off of previous swims in earlier meets.  I don't have a team to root for, and am basing predictions solely off of top times reports and a little coaching intuition.  I do not have advance copies of the heat sheet, so I am not sure who is swimming what events.  These are meant for fun, and I hope you enjoy them!  Region 4 is where I plan on starting.  

Region 1- Boys

Region 1- Girls

Region 2- Boys

Region 2- Girls

Region 3- Boys

Region 3- Girls

Region 4- Boys

Region 4- Girls


Regional Preview

Have some fun with these new reports that break down each region.  Stay tuned this week for the first ever region predictions.  All meant in good fun of course!  But for now here are some reports that will start to get you excited about Regionals this weekend!!

The top 50 best times are the best 50 swims per individual event.  This report will include repeated individuals.  The top 50 Individuals per event list each event and the best times of the top 50 people who swam that event.  The Top 36 Relay times show the best 36 swims in each relay event and will include repeated individuals.  

Region 1

Top 50 Best Times  Top 50 Individuals Per Event Top 36 Relay Times

Region 2

Top 50 Best Times Top 50 Individuals Per Event Top 36 Relay Times

Region 3

Top 50 Best Times Top 50 Individuals Per Event  Top 36 Relay Times

Region 4

Top 50 Best Times Top 50 Individuals Per Event Top 36 Relay Times


Last Top Times Report

I have updated the top times!  The relays ranks the best relay team from EVERY WV school!  Enjoy


New Top Times

New Top Times are posted.  Lots of PR times from EPAC, OVAC, and Splash this weekend.  I will have new top individuals on Wednesday and new team rankings on Thursday!


Top Times Updated

The top times are officially updated now!  Enjoy!