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*Please note that The Linsly School will be listed in the top times this year.  It is not however a part of the WVSSAC meaning its swimmers will not compete at regionals/states but because they are a school in the state I wanted to include them on this site!

Male/Female Top Times for 2016-2017 Season

Relay Top Times for 2016-17 Season *Ranks the best relay from EVERY WV swim team

*NOTE* I do realize some people are on the top times list multiple times.  Something happened in the program with the University and Bridgeport swim teams that has caused them to be on the list multiple times.  I have tried to fix the problem.  The only way to do that is to delete those teams completely and start over again with those teams.  I probably would end up missing something along the way.  

Top times for all 2016-17 season.  These do include the Linsly school. They are not part of the WVSSAC, but they are a swim program in the state of West Virginia, so they are included.